We are the Original, One and Only, Forsaken Few M/C.

The Forsaken Few M/C was established on New Year's Day, 1981, in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

We are an independent motorcycle club, built and based, on riding American-made motorcycles. We value above all, the  freedom that riding our motorcycles brings, and from that, the brotherhood that is formed.

We are a motorcycle club NOT a gang. We have a love and respect for riding our motorcycles with our brothers. We DO NOT condone any illegal activity. We DO NOT deal drugs, run guns, or pimp prostitutes! That shit is for the movies!

We take pride in the communities in which we live. We believe in helping and making them a better place through our annual toy drives, poker runs, and other charities we sponsor throughout the  year.


We are the Forsaken Few M/C. YOU CANNOT ASK TO BE ONE OF US OR JOIN US. YOU MUST BE INVITED TO HANG AROUND. If you want to find out more about us, find a patch holder and ask him.

Forsaken Few - Casper McWade
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