A Word From Our Founder

Stand behind me and I will defend you.

Stand by my side and I will fight next to you.

Stand against me and you will meet your worst enemy.

You know, through the years I have been asked many times, “Why did you start the FORSAKEN FEW M.C.?” or “What were my visions for the club 37 years ago and where would I like to see it go today?” The club was started back in the day of what is now known as “old school ways” and way before THE SONS OF ANARCHY gave everyone the misbelief of what clubs are really about and how if you to start a real club, you’d better be willing to stand in your own pool of blood to hold what you started. Bikers back in the day were society’s rejects. We were different from ordinary citizens. They lived as families under many roofs, we lived as one family with the sky as our roof. And if you cut one of us, we all bled. We took in the men that had no one because no one wanted them. Young men just out of reform schools to hardened convicts that no longer knew how to live life on the outside. But when you take society’s rejects and give them hope of something to believe in (Simon) and show love and respect, what you get in return is undying loyalty and honor. And a man that loves what he has been given so much that he will step in front of a bullet for you. Not because he didn’t want to live, but because to him, he couldn’t face living without your brotherhood. 37 years ago did I have any idea the club would be where it is today? How could I? Do I know how far the club will go today? No. But what I do know is as long as this club sticks to the roots that it was started on. We will grow to no end. We will always advance at an alarming speed because we know we don’t have to look back to see who is still there. There are many things I can’t talk about when it comes to the inner workings of this club or the meanings of some of the patches we fly. That information has to be earned over the years. But now you know in case you have ever wondered or asked “Why was the club started?”


Thanks for your time,

LH&R Mack Oklahoma Roadrat Bailey “Lifer F.F.M.C.”